Wings are made to fly

As you might know, Spooky had an accident as a youngster (2018), which made her lose the ability to fly. She always kept trying to fly and regain her freedom. This week she managed to fly like the other pigeons. Not as long as they would, but it’s something we thought would never happen. I wasn’t at home when she went flying, so I came back and my dad told me Spooky went flying with the others and was on the roof of one of the houses a bit further in the street. It made me really proud of her, but it scared me at the same time, since she would be an easy catch for birds of prey and i didn’t want to lose her. Luckily she came home safe and nothing happened to her.

I made a litte video about the progress she has made over the past two years, because I am proud of her and admire her determination and love that she never gave up on something she wanted.

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