Snow, cold and pigeons

Last week we had a lot of snow and it froze the whole week, so i wanted to share what we did to protect the pigeons and how the pigeons reacted to this weather, since it’s something they aren’t used to.

We knew it would start snowing saturday evening, so in the afternoon, my dad put wood in front of the loft’s open areas. The predictions were that the snow would otherwise fall right into the loft and the wind would be way too cold for them.

Since the opening of Fluff’s cage is in the same direction as were the snow and wind would come from, we decided to move her to the garage. That would keep her from snowing in and dying from the cold.
Now we’re ready for the snow!

And then it started snowing. It was evening, so it didn’t bother the pigeons that much. After one night of snoing we already had like 20 cm of snow. Since we didn’t cover the sputniks, it was in and on them as well, so eventhough the pigeons couldn’t go outside, they could discover the snow.

None of the pigeons really seemed to be bothered with the snow. They enjoyed it and even started eating it. We think that they did it, because they didn’t really have access to their water, because it froze the whole time.
The first few days we gave them their food as we normally do, in the morning and a specific amount, but in the afternoons, we noticed they needed more, because they were “asking” for it. So we switched to two times a day, because they need the energy from the food to stay warm.

All the pigeons survived the snow and Fluff wil be going back to her cage outside when it is dry. I made some pictures and video’s from the pigeons in the snow so enjoy those!

pigeons eating the snow

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