Boy or Girl?

I have been doubting the gender of one of my pigeons for a long time. The pigeon i mean is the 041. When (s)he was in a combined group of pigeons (both boys and girls) it looked like (s)he was a girl, so to mark that we put a pink ring on. When we seperated the boys and the girls, we put her/him with the girls. Then (s)he started behaving more like a male, like you can see in the video:

It’s a boy?

When (s)he was still in the combined group, I already thought (s)he was a boy, but (s)he didn’t really show the obvious signs of being a boy (aka making love). All the other youngsters were having a relationship, so it was clear if they were a boy or a girl. For the 041 it was not clear, so my dad and stepmom thought (s)he was a girl. Since they have more experience, I trusted them, but still had my doubts. So I was just watching him/her to see him/her hop on one of the girls, but that didn’t happen until today.

Evidence of being a boy

After that I changed the pink ring into a blue one and put him with the other boys, but that was when things got weird again. Some other male pigeons started going after him like they go after a girl.

So in the end I’m still not 100% sure about the gender. We even speculated that he might have both genders or is a girl, but feels like a boy. Maybe i just have a very special pigeon? I know i could get him DNA tested, to know his gender, but that costs money and i will only concider that if one of the other boys makes love with him.

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