The pigeons

Right now I have 11 pigeons, all with different colors and character traits. When i decided to race with pigeons, I got four pigeons from my dad and stepmom. Two of them i lost really quick, while training them to go racing. The other two are Spooky, who had a broken wing after flying against a window, and Bontje, my favourite pigeon, who they kept home because i love her so much. I had 10 rings for the youngsters of 2020, so ten more pigeons were going to be mine.
While my dad and stepmom took a risk by sending some youngsters on a practice race before they were ready, they lost a lot of pigeons, while I still had all of mine. From the 10 youngsters from 2020 i still have 9 of them. One i lost while training them.

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* pigeons born before 2020
* pigeons born in 2020